Oh how it hurts
To know the Truth
All along
Like a child, quivering
I tried to dress up
what I knew

How I ached
To kiss you hard
But it was not my job
to suck the poison out

Life is hard
Death is Mercy
Hollowed out

How your eyes
have twinkled in the night
Taunting flirting dangerously
Distracting certain sight
You try too hard
to keep your place
Fragile, more afraid
than the lives you save

I realize
I always knew the Truth
Luring me all along
Beyond my comfort zone
A sirens’ song
I fail to follow you

I don’t want to die
but I once said
the same lie
You’re telling now

Life is hard
Death is Mercy
Hollowed out

C2013 GC Cameron
With Apologies to DF