Here, You Are

I know myself now
You’ll not forget
What’s gone
It’ll not be
A space you’ll regret
or a Hell you
eventually crawl out of
Like a red guilded box
Ribboned, tied up in knots
It’ll shine like the beacon
It wasn’t
but you really
Always WILL want

It was no mirage
No hallucination
Nothing went wrong
You’ll cherish it
Ache for it
More NOT Less
An Echo-Companion
in your heart
You swear will trip you up

You’ll never Love more
Always worry, about
Wonder what’s Left
Don’t have to sacrifice
Promises you kept
(They were, after all
Gifts of Yourself)

(I know you
Well enough
To sense your fragile quiver
As you swear
You’ve felt no
Spiritual Admonishment)

You know Yourself now
You don’t regret
Can’t imagine
Untethered Connection
And yet
Here you are

Here you Are

C2013 GC Cameron
On the finalizing of a friends’ Divorce