Cat Marioh, outside Neil & Buzz' cage

Cat Marioh, outside Neil & Buzz’ cage

Cat Outside the Cage

I know
I’ve been running
around in a frenzy today
Everybody I think
Usually Sane in my life
is acting crazy
(Maybe it’s their day)
My heart beats scary
I’ve got very little money
Then I look up at
The goldfinch cage
Just like the birdies
I’m so worried
about the cat outside the cage

I know
Quiet scares me
It’s always been that way
Everybody’s happy
I’m pretty sure I see it
in their lighter faces and ways
I’m so lonely
don’t care to be Only
but must be chasing
other people away
I look up
at the cute little birdies
and don’t know why
I just don’t pray
Just like the finches
I’m skittish timid
About the cat outside the cage

Settle down!
Shut that mouth!
Stop reaching out
Face the day
Pretty or witty
We’ve all got to face
the cat outside the cage

c2014 GC Cameron