For Peter, in Lament

No more fires
I can’t start
a pilgrimage
to a land that’s parched
Open your eyes
A new day has come
This is Love
this is Love

Dry your tears
in the Dawn sun
Drink the dew
The night has gone
Feast upon a smile
that can fill your heart
This is Love,
This is Love

I can see the pain
You so try to hide
Don’t say
She’s gone
(We both know
that she’s not)
I don’t want
to chase her away
Take her place
Have you say
You did what was just
You gave your heart
But it’s not lost
How could anyone
want you
to ache this ache
This is Love
offering you a way
to give on
This is Love,
Bigger than
You ever thought it was
This is Love

c2014 GC Cameron