I know
the ripples
the kind of breeze
that, staccato
gently shakes
Leaves in nearby trees
As well as I
They know the storms
Both more fragile
than we’d like to be
Not nearly as strong
as we seem
While many
admire our bravery
We cling
to Whatever
we’ve got Handy

In my case
it is your shirt
Too small to wear
I remember still
the sleeves rolled up
upon your arms
Silver curly hair
caressing what I long
to have hold me now
Your alabaster bottom
sinking down
into my Everything
(There’s ever enough
of Everything)

Angry Atmosphere
and rain
are upon
the cedars and I now
I clutch
all I have of you
Close my eyes
Squint tight
Dream of trembling
Thunderous Us

I beg the wind take
the Horrors
That deny me
Your Touch
Love, you are
Too far
Too long
for my lonely heart

c2014 GC Cameron