For Kathryn, Mighty and Scared

don’t you dare
think for one minute
that I don’t feel you
amidst my braveless silence
I still remember
that Good Shabbos
the only foreigner in sight
when your tiny toes
kicked me in the ribs
as the Temple Scrolls passed by

I gasped
Your father glanced
all stern
but other mothers
knew my plight

Years later
Dark circles
a frightened frown
is what I remember
of your face
upon last sight

I’ve stuttered
giving Pain power
and I wish
this Holy Night
I could hold you
in my arms
(We both
could grieve
that moment in time

When I lost
Your Trust
When I failed
to treasure enough
the perfume of your skin
your dimples
and blue eyes

Dear Kathryn Rose
Mighty and Scared
Beg Jehovah
Deliver us from Exile
Break the Darkness
with Divine Right

C2015 GC Cameron
Missing Kathryn Rose