The Day of My Rising

I am
Simply Lost
Diminutively tossed

This dirt road
doesn’t frighten me
Though the Darkness
makes no sound
I’ve no compass
I’ve no guide
My heart paid the price
For being right
Once empty
I let
Life as I knew it
slip through my hands

Are you missing me?
Is there somewhere I belong?
Are you readying
A feast in celebration
of the day
I finally make it Home?
Am I Valued Treasure
that got misplaced along the way?
What do you call me?
Do I have a name?

Nothing hurts now
Nightmares have turned to sand
are like Tumbleweeds
I never know when they’ll surface
or where they’ll choose to land
I’ve forgotten
All that made me Good and Wrong
I’m harmless now
Maybe obselete
The Day of my Rising came
and you act as if you don’t
recognize Me

I’m at Peace
but still
Simply Lost
Maybe this is Bliss
A groundswell seems
to be sure of
Me now

c2016 GC Cameron
for LETH