I look
in the other direction
away from where
You call home
Find a dirt road
lined with fields
Run away
fast and alone
Beg the breeze dry
the tears I’m crying
before you ever notice

Life has passed me by
Love has left me behind
Now that I finally want both

I knew
the first time
I saw your warm eyes
I couldn’t bear to stay long
Never had to even hear your voice
to know where I wanted to find shelter
A kiss would take away Sanity
A caress would be a Nightmare

Life has been denied
Love has laughed at my sighs
Despite prayers upon many an altar

You’re too Young
I’m too Old
In your gaze
with each passing day
I feel small
Pathetic and more Alone
Your smile dances with children
but tightens at the sight of a bell

(It’ll toll for me first
You might as well ring it
My Sirens’ Song
won’t unite Us)

Twice on Afternoons
I wander ’round back
to your door
Wish the cinder block walls
weren’t so tall
and so costly for me to pay for
The carpet hides the crumbs
of Fools’ Gold I give up
Diamonds you know
but don’t touch

Life has faded to black and white
Love has become a legend
Despite pennies thrown in fountains
and wishes made on stars
You’ll always hold
the keys to Heaven

c2016 GC Cameron
(with apologies)