I’ve made the decision
Signed the
Execution Order
Stopped all nourishment
in hopes my heart
will slow
Tossed and turned
in my bed
wrestling with
the things I’ve said

I was better off
Alive and Afraid
than Discounted Dead

I was safer
in the Darker Room
where my shadows
found their peace
Even the tiny
shiny sheriffs’ badge
failed to prick
and make me bleed

You decided, though
you needed more
Dragged me
into the light
out of Greed

I was better off
Alive and Afraid
than I’ll ever be
placating your Need

Back I go
The closet
is my Home
I’ll leave the lambs
for you to slaughter
My Dignity
you won’t strip from Me
in the Bright you worship

There’s Poetry
in Subtlety
Extend a hand
A Gentle Smile
It’s Sufficient Shine
to lead
People like Me
our Darker Room

c2017 GC Cameron