Got the
fancy suit ironed
My head’s Quiet
at last
Messages in
the rear view mirror
talk to me
about my Past

Our kids have stopped
asking us
to grant wishes
Men grab kisses
but never want me to stay
Come on, Sister
let’s run away

There are
cabins and contentment
in places besides here
I can take you
to foreign forests
give you
All the deer
All the wood
that you want
You really should
Come on, Sister
Run away with me

You and Me
an unbeatable team
Take the Peace with us
Wherever we go
No need to own houses
or fancy clothes
Our daughters
will brag about
our adventures
once we’re gone
Come on
Run away with me

I promise
No one will hate us
Infamous we’ll be
Discovering Lifes’ mysteries
Others only dream
about chasing

Under the
New Moon
We can leave

Run away with me

c2017 GC Cameron