Desert-Exiled Heart

I told you
how things are
After all
come Morning
You won’t believe
I mean it
with all of my Heart

I’ve left the keys
for you to retrieve
to the things people
like to think
mean the most to Everyone
The ignition in the Cougar
The Samsonite
with one busted lock
The Yale that fits
the front door
of the only house
I’ll ever call my home

We’ve betrayed me
I know
Told others things
I wish I’d never said
I forgot
You were to
write them for
Mighty Superiors
Who’ll Shame me
with the details
of my pathetic little story
the Grace afforded

You’ve reminded me
Nothing is Sacred
A luxury
only granted
to the Senile
as dirt and curtain fall

in the name of Duty

Brash you are now
I know that pose
All too Well
(It’s the reason
I can’t look
in the mirror these Anymores)

So I let go
as I
Tell you
how things are
After all
come tomorrow
You won’t believe
I love you
with my

c2017 GC Cameron