Too hard to get up
Too hard to get going
My new coffee cup
sprung a leak without warning
Where did my life go?
Everything I used to know
has stopped talking to me
talk to me


I came home
for Mamas’ sake
Thought I could erase
All the Doubt
All the Pain
Thought we buried it
in Grandmas’ grave
Everything I used to know
has disappeared without a trace
talk to me


I ignored
legendary warnings
that you can’t go home
Those who stayed
bought the buildings
thinking maybe someday
they’d be redeemed
with a heartfelt cry
and a political decree
More boxes and bags
yet to pack
Have the pimple-faced boy
down the street
bring me a cardboard pizza
and a bag of Crack
Nothing I can do but grieve
I’ll die here
just like the weeds
Coming back
just brought me Misery
Stop talking
to Me


c2017 GC Cameron