About QtrAcreGal

Originally from Ohio, QtAcreGal’s real first name is Gwendolyn;  a hypergraphic writer since age 4,  she won early attention for her poetry, and was a staff member of every student newspaper of any school she ever attended that had one.  Coming to love the unexpected pleasure others got when she turned away from words and took photographs, she fell in love with natural light photography from her first roll of sunset photos off a Kodak X15 at age 11.  Pursuing a Minor in Photographic Arts at Miami of Ohio, photographs from her very first Black and White class, along with a Spring Master Class in the Smokies exist in Miamis’ Student Collection at the school art museum;  her monolithic portrayal of Grotto Falls was enlarged to hang, for many years, in the school Student Loan office.

Living in the NW corner of SC for over 19 years,  she continued to explore poetry and photography in a cozy but rented cottage on the outskirts of Greenville SC with an assortment of cats, dog Jenna and a few livebearing freshwater fish.  In addition, she traveled extensively in Canada as well as Great Britain, expanding her creative reach to cooking, crochet, singing, watercolor and spiritual healing writing and speaking among women and children with abuse, addictions and mental health challenges.

In Fall 2009,  she  returned to her birthland of SW Ohio;  The Land of the Great Pumpkin awaited her, her trusty camera, and a borrowed, beat up white Thunderbird. In November 2012, she triumphed, moving beyond her intellect, by completing her first 5K Walk/Run event, but a faulty Aortic Heart Valve stopped her a year later. She currently lives in SW Ohio.

7 thoughts on “About QtrAcreGal”

  1. Your poem,” Holding Steady,” is a memorial to Malcolm Sedam. I was a student of his in the spring of 1969 at Miami’s Middletown campus. He made a profound impression on his students. I’ve read several accounts acknowledging him in the Miami newsletters. How did you know him? I’ve thought of trying to write a fictional account of the boy who went to war, returned with life-changing memories, and decided to become a teacher. I loved the stories he told of his family: his mother’s father cried when he learned he was going to die because he had just bought a new chain saw; his mother painted china; he hunted mushrooms with an “almost brother.” If he had lived he might have become a major poet.
    I hope to hear from you.

  2. I am impressed with your creativity. I noticed you are friends with chuck and vicky. I was so surprised when I saw your picture. Steve

  3. You are a delightful blend of intelligence, boldness, insight and wisdom. You are very inspiring and courage -provoking, Gwen!

  4. Very cool Gwen!

  5. Very evocative, picturesque and moving! You are very stylish and impressively elegant in your written expression.

  6. Very nice. A pleasure to visit.


  7. Richard said:

    Hi Gwen,

    Beautifully written site. Gotta go now but will try to return again.


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