NEW POETRY: Pontificatus Polyester


Pontificatus Polyester

Die, NOW
won’t you,
Know it All Youth!
As I finish my last meal
before you desecrate the Truth

I’ve loved you
Ached to see the sun
cast its daybreak
over the curve of your ass
Such pristine a thing
I didn’t appreciate
When quiet and nubile
myself as a lass

Now you pontificate
in polyester
As though syllabic
Lifelines are casting

A breath now
Let me halt your blinking
It’s all the Tenderness
I ever hope to have

c2017 GC Cameron


NEW POETRY: Judas Knows


Judas Knows

The Quiet
COMES I said
Comes came
Moisture missing
as with the kiss
Judas gave

There is
no turning back
but I ache
to know
if Iscariot himself
ever thought
to beg

Is this your moment
(as I pray it was his)
You Ascend to
A martyr
for the sacrifice
You made?

Rapists find Redemption
yet can’t replace
the hymen torn
Can you fix
My broken Adoration
Oh Knight
Now Forlorn?

Angel Fallen
Judas knows

c2017 GC Cameron





You have to know
it WAS you
Until the spark
of Judas
lit the night

I am Afraid
Of AND For

to reflecting
the Light
of Those Much Larger
you are
Abandoning Me
You’re at Apogee
I Once
thought You
were closer

Return, please?
Feign Home is Me
Stop this Insolence
I’ve never wanted to be
a mother to you

Worse the Truth
A Hush in Time
I fancied myself
The Dark Star
orbiting You
Held Close
by Gravity

c2017 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Obscurum, in Pace



Obscurum, in Pace


Obscurum, in pace

Ruins holy, eternally assured

Porcelain Too Tall

You are

Bulbuous Rubenesque

My peasant pottery juxtaposed

Awkward Perfect

I strain to hear your footfalls


Like Delphi herself

Are our moments

Idyllic now?

As silent and solemn

As the

 Ancient Oracle, profound?


We demur

Yet so expect

To be

to some archeologist



Flowers fade wild

But are lovely


Here between us



c2016 GC Cameron




NEW POETRY: Tried and True



I wanted
to be held
in the
worst of ways
I wanted
to have Someone
kiss the day away
Tried and True
I could trust
Who knew
Where I come from
Where I would fall
Where I’d run to
when life
became too much
and I felt too small

It’s not You
as bad as it feels
to know
I can’t touch
I can’t breathe
I can’t reach
I can’t keep
You for Me
How the Sadness
cuts so deep
Everyone must think

It isn’t You

Ring around
the forsythia bush
Spend Summer
in the cool
of the basement
Talk of everything
til the training wheels
come off
and I can
ride away
Grown and Free

It’s not You
as right as it feels
I know
I can’t touch
I can’t breathe
I can’t reach
I can’t keep
You for Me
How the Yearning
quickens my aching
I can’t weep
for You

It can’t be You

When was
I last loved
Where is
He I didn’t see
at the time?

If I can find Him
Will He erase this
feeling that
only You are right

Toss the rule book
out the window
Love’s not
built on Yesterday
Kiss me now
by my car
In the fog
No one will say

It was You

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Key to Heaven




I look
in the other direction
away from where
You call home
Find a dirt road
lined with fields
Run away
fast and alone
Beg the breeze dry
the tears I’m crying
before you ever notice

Life has passed me by
Love has left me behind
Now that I finally want both

I knew
the first time
I saw your warm eyes
I couldn’t bear to stay long
Never had to even hear your voice
to know where I wanted to find shelter
A kiss would take away Sanity
A caress would be a Nightmare

Life has been denied
Love has laughed at my sighs
Despite prayers upon many an altar

You’re too Young
I’m too Old
In your gaze
with each passing day
I feel small
Pathetic and more Alone
Your smile dances with children
but tightens at the sight of a bell

(It’ll toll for me first
You might as well ring it
My Sirens’ Song
won’t unite Us)

Twice on Afternoons
I wander ’round back
to your door
Wish the cinder block walls
weren’t so tall
and so costly for me to pay for
The carpet hides the crumbs
of Fools’ Gold I give up
Diamonds you know
but don’t touch

Life has faded to black and white
Love has become a legend
Despite pennies thrown in fountains
and wishes made on stars
You’ll always hold
the keys to Heaven

c2016 GC Cameron
(with apologies)

NEW POETRY: Smarter Above



We pray
and hide
Sigh and cry
Every time
a child dies
Yet claim
demands we define
doing the same
for Ourselves
a stain

Let me
Let me
be the Gentle
Unafraid as I am
that caresses your forehead
Is blessedly baptized
by your tears
Finds Intimate Privilege
in kissing your scrapes
(be they on your ego
or your knee)

We scrounge for Joy
here on this rock
Beg sunlight
not to parch
Grain as it grows up
Reach in our pleadings
for a Higher One
to save us from ourselves

This once
Let there be
Someone smarter

c2016 GC Cameron
for The Terry Family

NEW POETRY: Skip Hop Puddle Ocean





Skip Hop Puddle Ocean

I know how
this goes
(rather, Doesn’t)
Like trees on opposite shores
Smile and sway
Bow and say
nice things to each other
Across a cavernous
Skip hop puddle
You shun
the notion
of bridging

There will be
the capes sacrificed
Velvet offered up
Baffled faces
not privy
to an explanation
as to why
I’ll not traverse them

You don’t realize
(Now now,
No one does)
that I knew
This Eternity
the moment
I met your gaze

(I’ve accepted
Broken-Hearted Fate
without running
Sure the Gaul
given was deserved)

And so
I await
Your Too Bright Shining
That day
when your Happy
will blind us both
to my tears

You’ll know warmth
I’ll die drowning
in the
Skip Hop Puddle
now an ocean
of Sobbed Years

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: A Thousand Lights


A Thousand Lights

You have been
my bravest mistake
How mere oceans
were tiny
compared to the years
I’ve forsaken
for You
Just to look
for a whisker
about a footfall
Thank God
Our End
was still
a Yet

A thousand lights
have come and gone
If only
my Pride
hadn’t been so strong
Maybe I now
I could say
without regrets at all
I’ve lingered
these hours
on Not Yets

Oh but Here
it’s finally come
Things I didn’t say
have come up
Caught in my throat
Decisions and Hope
So long
It was what was
I’m smaller than I thought
The candles have gone out
with a breathless Aah
and a shuddered Want
You’ve decided
I’m your Expendable Mistake
You won’t realize
til I’ve gone away
I’ve been your
Not Yet

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Old Dogs and Love



Oh, the Summer's worn
I've done everything right
Still I'm barefoot and alone
Too brilliant to be brave
Headstrong too long to be sexy

Old dogs and Love
are the only things that miss me

Hungry for arms
I don't yet know
Flesh to flesh 
under a blanket of snow
Maybe washing the dishes
will offer up some peace

Old dogs and Love
do you still miss me?

Storms are coming 
from Chicago way
Evening time
the city lights
call my name
I've earned the right

to dance in the moonlight
(Won't you please)
Sail away to find Autumn
on the last September breeze

Small town livin' suits me fine
I tried to be a downtown girl
but most of them are too uptight
Give me four on the door 
air conditioning
A diet Coke
a pack of smokes
and the FM stereo blaring

Let me kiss 
your beer belly
Under your glowing stogie
tell me it's all right
I'm not asking
for anything
too hard to find

Friday night lights
don't forsake me please
(Don't wanna be the last
to live Poetry)
Old dogs and Love
lead me to the morning light

Deliver me
from this Oppressive Need
I beg you
old dogs and Love

C2016 GC Cameron